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Jianxin Lin

Professor of Catalytic materials and  Ammonia synthesis catalyst

Tel:   0591-83731234-8102



Education and working experience

1988-1992,  Fuzhou University

B.A.,  Department of Chemical Engineering,;

2003-2006,  Fuzhou University

M.A.,  Department of Chemical Engineering;

1992-2013,  Fuzhou University

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, National Engineering Research Center of Chemical Fertilizer Catalyst;

2014-   ,   Fuzhou University

School of Chemical Engineering, National Engineering Research Center of Chemical Fertilizer Catalyst.


Teaching profile 

Take on the teaching work of the undergraduate course《 Development and

production of industrial catalyst 》、《 Industrial catalytic materials 》and the graduate course《 Industrial catalyst design and development 》etc.


Research Involvements

Hosting or participating in the research work of National Natural Science Fundation of China, National Key Technology R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology as well as the provincial scientific research projects etc. He is the author of more than 50 articles and 4 licensed patents published on the domestic and foreign important journals including the international and national academic conference papers. Many research achievements are applied, which have obtained remarkable economic and social benefits.

Research project

☆ current research or participation

1) 1/2014-12/2016, Study on the mechanism and structure-activity relationship of perovskite type ammonia synthesis catalyst with low pressure (Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province)

2) 1/2014-12/2017, Research on synthesis and regulation mechanism of the Cu-based desulfurization adsorbents supported on modified Al2O3 with high stable mesoporous and high selective (National Natural Science Foundation of China)

3) 1/2013-12/2015, Study on structure control and stability of Ru/AC ammonia synthesis catalyst (Innovation Fund of Petro-China)

4) 1/2015-12/2015,  The industrial application of ruthenium based ammonia synthesis catalyst in PetroChina Urumqi petrochemical plant (Horizontal project)

☆ Completed research in recent years

1)  Research on the development and industrialization of nano catalytic materials for environmental protection and energy conservation –the development of the second generation catalysts with low content of Ru for ammonia synthesis and application demonstration in energy saving technology of the catalysts

2)  Ruthenium based ammonia synthesis catalyst and process technology development

3) New technology development of ammonia synthesis production with low energy consumption

4)  Study on the preparation of ammonia synthesis catalyst with high cost-effective using water soluble ruthenium complex as precursor

5)  Study on the catalyst at low temperature with high activity

6)  The synthesis of the second generation of Fu-Ru catalyst for ammonia synthesis and the production demonstration project of ruthenium catalyst

Recent representative publications

1. The influence factors of preparing the high surface areas of SiC, Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (In Chinese)

2. The synthesis and characterization of Ru/CNTs-Al2O3 ammonia synthesis catalyst,Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics (In Chinese)

3. The effect of Pr doped to the structure and ammonia synthesis performance of Ru/CeO2 catalyst , Chinese journal of catalyst (In Chinese)

4. The effect of different precipitation methods to the structure and performance of Ru/CeO2 ammonia synthesis catalyst prepared by oxidation reduction co- precipitation, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society (In Chinese)

5. The effect of Ag as a promoter for Ru/CeO2 catalysts in ammonia synthesis,Journal of Molecular Catalysis A

6. Influence of the preparation method on the structure and performance of Ru/CeO2 catalyst for ammonia synthesis, Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry(In Chinese)

7. Effects of additives on the surface properties of Ru/CeO2 catalyst and the properties of ammonia synthesis, Journal of fuel chemistry(In Chinese)

8. The properties of of Ba-promoted Ru ammonia synthesis catalyst supported on ZrO2 preparated by citrate acid-complex method,Chinese journal of catalyst (In Chinese)

9. Preparation of chlorine-free alumina-supported ruthenium catalyst for ammonia synthesis base on RuCl3 by hydrazine reduction, Catalysis Communications

10. Effect of chlorine on the chemisorptive properties and ammonia synthesis activity of alumina-supported Ru catalysts, Catalysis Letters, 11. Effect of carbon and chlorine on the performance of carbon-covered alumina supported Ru catalyst for ammonia synthesis, Catalysis Communications

12. Sm-promoted alumina supported Ru catalysts for ammonia synthesis: Effect of the preparation method and Sm promoter. Catalysis Communications7. Xiuyun Wang, Jun Ni, Bingyu Lin, Rong Wang, Jianxin Lin, Kemei Wei. Highly efficient Ru/MgO-CeO2 catalyst for ammonia synthesis. Catalysis Communications, 2010, 12(4): 251-254.

13. Effect of La2O3 on Ru/CeO2-La2O3 Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis. Catalysis Letters

14. Physicochemical Characterization and H2-TPD Study of Alumina Supported Ruthenium Catalysts. Catalysis Letters

15.Effect of Nitric Acid Treatment on Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)-Cordierite Monoliths Supported Ruthenium Catalysts for Ammonia Synthesis. Catalysis Letters



1995,       The A202 ammonia synthesis catalyst won the first prize for Fujian province science and Technology Progress

1996,       Won the third prize for National Scientific and Technological progress

2011, 2012,  Received a price for the excellent master's thesis guidance