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Lilong Jiang


Dr. LilongJIANG was born in May 1975 atShanghang, Fujian Province. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor in Fuzhou University. He is the director of the national engineering research center of chemical fertilizer catalyst. His main research topics are catalysts, purificants and desulfurizersfor inferior coal (oil) gasification, andcatalysts for slurry hydrogenation ofinferior oil and its supporting technology. Now he is hostingan“863” major project, a project of national natural science funds of China, and an enterprisesmajor project. He is responsible for the implementation of the national engineering research center of innovation ability and theinnovationplatform constructionof the advantage disciplines of "energy conservation and environmental protection industrial catalysis”. He developedaseriesof sulfur-resistance water-gas shift catalysts, as well as a set ofcounter-poison/antioxidant/hydrolysis/pre-hydrogenation catalysts, which are used in more than 20 companies in China. So far, he published more than 50 papers and was issued 15patents. Meanwhile, he establisheda national and an industry standard.