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Su Ying Zhao        


Education and Career

From 1987to 1991, she studied in Xi'an Jiao tong University for the bachelor degree. After that, she obtained the master degree and the doctor degree from Fuzhou University in 2004. From then on, she became a teacher in Fuzhou University.


Take courses of “chemical engineering thermodynamics”, ”chemical technology”, ”chemical numerical methods”, ”chemical engineering experiment”, ”higher chemical thermodynamics”, “professional English” and “research and experimental chemical processes”. Obtained the first prize of Fujian Province teaching achievements.


Engaged in the research of separation and mass transfer, particularly to strengthen the non-homogeneous reaction and separation technology. Since 2005,has took charge of more than ten items, including the national natural science foundation of China, Torch Key Project of Science and Technology, the key projects of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department and Major cross-cutting project. Approved two patents and declared three patents.

Scientific research project


1The synergetic mechanism and regulation method of reaction and separation in reactive distillation process. (The national natural science foundation of China)

2Small pliot study of Metal-catalyzed CO2 coupling ethylene C-C produce acrylic acid catalyst.(PetroChina)

3The green process development of oleic acid polymerized into dimer acid.( The key projects of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department)


1The promotion of new technology of the PTA and PVA industry byprocduce methyl acetate recycling.( Torch Key Project of Science and Technology of China)

2Removal the PTA exhaust by membrane separation.( The key projects of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department)

3New technology development of membrane acetylene dehumidifying.(The department of education of Fujian)

4The MA hydrolysis system of Xianglu Petrochemical.(Xiamen Xianglu Petrochemical)

5The engineering of MAH of Thailand TPT Petrochemical Limited Company(Thailand TPT)

6The catalytic distillation transformation of hydrolysis of methyl acetate by the means of polyvinyl alcohol.(Shanghai Petrochemical)

7The industrial applications and the technology of methyl acetate  catalytic distillation hydrolysis.(The sub-topic of 863 projects “The industrial demonstration and enhanced technology coupling reaction”)

8The recycling technology applications of methyl acetate of the byproduct of PTA.(The 618 project of Development and Reform Commission of Fujian)

9The project of MA of Zhejian Yisheng Petrochemical.( Yisheng Petrochemical)

10The apparatus and the catalytic distillation hydrolysis technology of MA of Hengli Petrochemical(Dalian).( Hengli Petrochemical)


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Zhao Suying, Chen Huanjin, Chen Xiaomei, Zhou Jinyin and Wang Liangen.Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Ternary and Quaternary Systems Including Methyl Acetate, Benzene, Toluene, and Water at 283.2 K under Atmosphere.Journal of Chemical &Engineering Data2010, 555276~5279
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